Courses and prices

At North Coast Motorcycle Training, we offer a range of courses. We can help riders of all abilities, from beginners who’ve never ridden before to bikers who want to get back behind the handlebars after a break. See below for a breakdown of the full range of Cornwall motorcycle training courses we offer.

Compulsory Basic Training – CBT

This must be completed by anyone wanting to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road before they ride on a public highway. The training consists of five elements, listed below:

  • Introduction, licence check, eyesight check and clothing and equipment lessons.
  • Motorcycle controls, basic maintenance, wheeling, starting, stopping and putting the bike on the stand.
  • Riding the motorcycle in our secure, safe, approved training ground. Learning to control the machine at slow speeds – this will be an important skill when riding on the highway.
  • Lessons on vulnerability, hazard perception, road positioning and legal requirements.
  • Practical on-road riding under constant supervision and within radio contact from an instructor. During this element the student must satisfactorily complete a U-turn, emergency stop and hill start as well as a good level of road craft whilst on the ride.
  • Pricing: £95 including all bike and equipment hire.

Upon satisfactory completion of this training the student will be issued their DL196 certificate. This is a legal document that validates the relevant part of your driving licence to allow you to ride a 50cc (from age 16) or 125cc (from age 17) with L plates for two years from the date of issue.

Students should bring lunch as well as their licence and should be prepared to be with us from 9am to 4pm. Students who are unable to reach the required standard are able to have further training until they reach a safe level, there will be no charge for this further tuition but bike hire will be charged at £50.00 per day, although this is rarely needed as most students complete the training in one day.

Compulsory Basic Training+ (CBT+)

CBT+ is the next level up from the basic CBT and consists of:

  • Designed for riders who want to gain more on road experience than the compulsory basic training standard.
  • Three extra hours training carried out on a one to one basis.
  • The additional training is tailored to the individual’s requirements. This could include additional road riding, slow speed manoeuvres or classroom work.
  • Pricing: £155 including all bike and equipment hire.

Manual Conversion

  • Under current DVSA rules you are allowed to ride a manual bike even if you took your CBT on an automatic. The manual conversion course is designed for people who took their CBT on an automatic moped and would like to get the feel of a manual bike before going out on the road.
  • Perfect for building confidence before taking the next step and buying a geared bike.
  • Two hours practical off and on road training on a geared 125cc motorcycle.
  • Rider must be 17 years or older.
  • Pricing: £60 including all bike and equipment hire.

Direct access

  • This course enables the rider to ride a bike of any size or power rating.
  • Two DVSA tests must be passed during the course to obtain a full motorcycle license.
  • Available to riders who hold a valid CBT and theory test who are 24 years or above.
  • Minimum of three days training followed by Module 1&2 tests the following week.
  • Course will consist of approx five hours practical on road training per day as well as de brief and classroom based activities.
  • All equipment will be provided if needed inc helmet, gloves, jacket, trousers.
  • Pricing: £495 for 3 days. Additional training can be arranged if needed at £100 per day. Test fees for both modules are included for first attempt at tests.

Advanced lessons

  • Tailored to individual but can include: evasive and defensive riding, dual carriage way riding, inclement weather riding, slow speed manoeuvring, advanced cornering techniques.
  • Open to any rider.
  • These lessons are generally one to one unless you are part of a group wishing to train together.
  • Pricing: £30 per hour including bike hire if required.

Hourly lessons

  • Available to anyone wishing to have lessons fitted around work and other commitments who holds a valid CBT certificate.
  • Can be taken on any bike that the rider is able to ride legally.
  • Can cover any areas the student feels they need work on.
  • Pricing £30 per hour.

Return to biking

  • Hourly lessons designed for riders who hold a bike licence but have not ridden for a period of time, wishing to refresh the skills required to ride a modern motorcycle.
  • Available evenings or weekends as well as weekdays.
  • Pricing: £30 per hour.